According to, these four outdoor features will boost your home’s value


I've always believed that outdoor living spaces are important in the Lake Houston Area. It is one of the most important reasons people move here—to enjoy the outdoors. However, I was a little surprised at what a difference in can make in a home's value. Check this out.


No. 1 Outdoor Shower


Homes with outdoor showers are appealing to buyers, because they are more likely to be on the water. That’s especially important for homes on the shores of Lake Houston.

outdoor water shower7

Homes with outside bathing areas are listed at a 97% price-per-square-foot premium!



No. 2 Barbeque Station


Nothing says summer like throwing some burgers on the grill. Barbeques are mentioned in nearly 10% of all listings.

barbeque burgers7

So it makes sense that homes with outdoor cooking stations are 26% pricer than those without.

No. 3 Entertainer’s Pool


Pools that have enough space for friends to lounge comfortably gave home prices a 26% lift.

swimming pool7

No. 4 Backyard Fire Pit



There are few things more satisfying than sitting in front of crackling flames, roasting marshmallows.

fire pit7

Fire pits gave residences up to a 25% premium boost.